"switch to rackspace" action in SAFP is not working


I added 2 actions at 2 different markers in SAFP.

  1. The first is to display “Halloooo” a few seconds into the file.
  2. And a few seconds later I added the action to “switch to rackspace”. Rackspace selected was “Sultans of Swing” and variation selected was “Part A” (which of couse do exist, because I could select it)

When I play the SAFP file, at the first marker the “Halloooo” message is displayed where the rackspace names are normally displayed. But when the playhead got to the second marker in SAFP file, the following message appeared at he same spot where the previous “Halloooo” message appeared …
“Action : Change to Rackspace ignored”

What am I doing wrong?

Where is the SAFP included?

Means you were in setlist mode - you can’t change rackspaces when you are in setlist mode