Switch between Setlist view and Panel view without a mouse

I have a Kontakt sample library that cannot change the bpm speed of the arpegiated function within the interface, so I assigned the library to songs that have different bpm values in Setlist mode and that works very well.

However, that is the only use of Setlist mode that I have for now; the other use being rackspace panel mode. I can switch to setlist mode using keystroke Ctrl+Shift+L, but I have not found a keystroke to switch to rackspace/panel mode.

Btw, I am using The Elgato Stream Deck to process these keystrokes instead of me having to reach for the laptop keyboard or a mouse as I change on the fly quite a lot.

Am I missing something?

You have the TogglePanelSetlistView system action parameter: System Actions


System Actions is your best friend!

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Thanks! That does it…manually, which is cool.

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