Sustain Pedal or Midi Learn Latch/Unlatch Sytronik Sequencer

I would love to use sustain pedal to latch the Syntronik 2 arpeggiator (the default effect is regular sustain on the arpeggiator holding notes).

Has anyone done that?

Alternatively, if there was an issue assigning it to the sustain pedal (cc# 64, I believe), I think I would be okay with a widget and midi learn (and control it with a fader on my keyboard).

Has anyone done this with the Syntronik 2 arp?



You can just use a widget and midi learn your sustain pedal to it. Then connect the widget to Syntronik and select the arp latch function. You can use the learn parameter button to open up your plugin and click on the button you want to control instead of searching/scrolling through the parameter list.


No, I use BlueArp which is free and works for any synth plugin. There is also an arp latch function.

In general, it helps to think of using widgets to control functions/parameters of plugins. This works as an intermediate step which keeps you from having to connect midi hardware directly to plugins. By having the widgets on the panels you can see what’s being controlled on one screen and whether it’s actually working when you hit the button/pedal or move the knob/fader


Thanks, I’ll try this.

If I try to use a sustain pedal, I may have an issue with it also holding the notes in the arpeggios. If I use a widget and have it “learn” the latch knob, I am assuming it will not use cc 64. So, if sustain is blocked in the midi block, maybe I will be able to “latch” using the sustain pedal without it holding the notes.

(Unlike you computer-proficient members, figuring this out is “work” for me!). :wink:

We’ll see how it goes.

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Thanks. Yes, at some point I will likely install BlueArp. But, I have the sound programed in the Syntronik synth/arp right now, so if I can just control the latching (sustain pedal would be best) that would be the easiest route.:slight_smile: