Sugar Bytes new sequencer

Sugar Bytes makes consistently interesting and (I find) creatively stimulating plugins. Their newest is a sequencer called Nest, which I suspect many here would find fascinating. I don’t have it (yet!) but it’s on my short list of next-to-buy, and the videos look appetizing!

I downloaded the demo this morning but it was not obvious how to get started and so I went back to writing GP code😀


you should try Obscurium! very aptly named.

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I like Sugar Bytes sw too. But I also think I would rather write some code or a GP Script than learn how to use this:


I picked up AAS’ new Multiphonics CV-1 when it was released (and on sale) because I have all of their other synths and really like them (haven’t used Strum yet; the others are favs), but if it weren’t for the presets, I’d never use it. STEEP learning curve for me.


and here i thought you’d all be up for a geeky challenge! this reminds me of the VCS-3 and Buchla Series 100 i learned on. though i do note that i still have not purchased it…

btw, the VCS-3 i learned on was actually a Putney, if anyone here remembers that!

The Synthi AKS was my very first synth, purchased from Rod Argent Keyboards in London, UK

I still remember having to wear headphones on one ear to tune the octaves or to prepare the sound for the next song that needed it.

i was at the University of Washington, where in the music Building, Room 217, there was a Putney, a Buchla, and a couple of Ampex 2-tracks. i still have some reel-to-reels from those days, in fact used some for a soundtrack about 15 years ago. around 1979 or 80, they bought a first generation Synclavier, but that was just for the Systematic Musicology department and the rest of us barely got to play with it :frowning:

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