Studiologic SL88 /Mixface

I use Mixface together with my SL88 Grand. Since I use Gig Performer I only use 1 zone at a time. I only use two programs in Mixface. A standard program for some volume controls, effect etc. The second program adjusts the lower manual from IK multimedia’s Hammond B-3X, present etc. I use my SL88 to do program change. When I start up, SL88 is on program 1, which is a piano. On the mixface, you can see that zone 1 glows orange, but a little weakly. In order for me to be able to adjust the volume on slider 1, for example, I have to press zone one on the mixface, then the switch lights up more sharply. When I select my Hammond organ in program slot 5, zone 2 lights up on the mixface, the light in switch 2 lights up but a little dimmer. To get all the sliders, knobs, switches to be active, I have to press the button for zone 2. It then becomes sharper and all controls work. Why do you have to activate Zone when you change programs, why doesn’t this happen automatically when you change programs?
Is this a bug in Mixface?


I hope I understand you in the right way. I will test this situation tomorrow with my equipment.

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I never use controller presets to change behaviour. I keep my mixface with the same preset and change functions on rackspaces inside GigPerformer. Because it is much more flexible and easier to configure

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I think that’s the best way to do it

I’ve changed my mind a bit and now stay in Zone 1 all the time, use the SL88 Grand to change programs on all devices, then also Mixface. Then Zone1 on Mixface is also active all the time. When I select the Hammond B-3X on the SL88, I switch from program 1 on the Mixface to 2 which controls the lower drawbars, on switch 1-8 are ready presets (variations from the same rack space). Upper drawbars and everything else I control from the Nord electro 6d which is on top in my rig. In the first “variation” in this rack space, I use drawbars and other functions in real time like any organ. I don’t want to activate presets on some of the SL88 keys, but now Mixface has to do the right thing for itself.

Unfortunately, you have to activate zones on Mixface manually if you use more than one Zone together with GP. These are not fully activated when making PC from SL88. So not a good plan. But this works if you are in the same Zone in both SL88 and Mixface.