Strange MIDI problem

I have encountered a very strange MIDI issue. I have a rackspace in which I have two MIDI controllers. One controller(Electro) is connected to Blue3 and the other controller(Akai) is connected to Ultra Analog and OP-X-II. When I trigger the Electro, not only is it triggering Blue3, but also Ultra Analog and OP-X-II, even though the Electro is not connected to those plug ins. Disconnecting the MIDI connections of the Akai stops the Electro from triggering the two plugins, but when I disconnect the Electro, it’s still triggering both Ultra Analog the OP-X. What am I missing here?

How does the global midi monitor look when you play on the electro?
Are you using rig manager?
can you export the rackspace and upload it?

The midi monitor for the Electro is set to send on channel 6. The Akai is simply set to Omni. Rig Manager is not being used. I’m having a brain malfunction and cannot remember how to attach a file. Can you please remind me?

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-12 um 20.45.54

just activate the shown right icon

AKAI ULTRA ANALOG.rackspace (24.3 KB)

Issue located:
The used Midi In OMNI listens to all connected Midi Devices!
Use the Akai Device, then you are fine.

Here the documentation


I see what I was doing wrong!
Thx Pianopaul!