Stereo cross fader

I tried it and it says to upgrade.
Indeed, automatism works through a modulator, and modulators are not available in the free version.

Here is the free GP version which goes up to 10s (or as much as you want if you modify the GPScript). I keeps power constant (you can test it with twice the same sound):

auto-crossfade_constant_power.gig (10.4 KB)



Do you think this is also possible manually? In live performance, I do crossfades back and forth by following the narrator’s rhythm (sometimes slow, sometimes rapid).

Yes it is, but I am very busy, these days, so warn me if I forget. :grimacing:

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Maybe I will forget it before you as I am pretty busy too… But it is good to know and to avoid using one more plugin.

Now it is possible, simply assign the red crossfade knob to a MIDI controller:

Now, with the new GP4 Scriptlet plugins you even don’t need to put your noze into the code :nerd_face:

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@David-san thank you for remembering this :grinning: I will try it later. There is so much to test right now…

@David-san @npudar

I just tested the X-fader crossfader.

It works perfectly. The options are nice, especially the manual or automatic crossfade with duration, plus the 2 types of curves (completed by the modifiable widget envelopes).

For simple actions, this replaces the Melda MRatio plugin I was using until now, and I save 1% CPU.

Bravo! :slightly_smiling_face:



From the creator’s instructions:

“Insert the Scriptlet somewhere in the rackspace where it is needed”

I haven’t done this before. How do I insert the scriptlet?

If your starting point is the example Gig file, you can save the scriptlet as a Favourite by right clicking it in the Wiring view and saving to the default Favourites folder.

After that, it will be available in any rackspace via the menu when you right-click the background in Wiring View (in addition to the plugin list, there is also a submenu for user favourites).

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Just to add to the previous post with some material:

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Hey all, thanks very much for the help. I do get a bit nervous asking for help, as most people on this forum seem to know much more than I do.

Feel free to ask.

Don’t be nervous :beers:

That’s actually a benefit. I prefer environments when you can learn something, and this community is the finest example of such an environment. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I feel better now:)

Further to this. I have a wah wah setup and, on the wiring view, all you see in the wha vst. But on the panels view, there is an expression pedal and a bypass button. My question is - how much is actually saved? I guess the panel items are not saved as well? If that is the case, then the panel items have to be added manually, so would there be much point in saving any of this as a favorite?

They are not saved in a favorite file.
But you can export a panel, once satisfied with it.

And is the export complete with settings, connections etc?

No it isn’t. :slight_smile: You use favorites for the Wiring view.
Export of a panel doesn’t get the plugin settings in the Wiring view.

Ok, thanks. I will just create the panel components each time as needed.