Step through sequence while passing the actual notes as well

I’ve created a midi sequence and loaded it into a midi file player in a rackspace. As per Brett’s video on the new widget step feature ( New Feature Reveal - MIDI Step Through in Gig Performer 4.7 ( ), I’ve created three led button widgets and mapped them to three keys on one of my three midi controllers. The step forward is working as expected, however I didn’t anticipate that it would also disable the note on events from reaching the plugin that the midi in block is also connected to. I’m wanting to drive the sequence with three notes that also need to ring through. Is there a way to get the note one to also pass through to the midi in block, or is that not possible? I’m sure with some type of scripting I could do this, but I was hoping there would be a non-scripting answer.|


Turn on MIDI Thru for those widgets

That definitely worked! Thanks!