Static Variables?

Can static variables be defined without placing them inside of a callback?

For example, if I just want oscbankcolor to be equal to the OSC string “/dmxis/bank/0” throughout my script, can I somehow define it on a script wide level?

You mean global variables?
Sure….just declare them outside of the callback

I can define the variable, but I was having trouble assigning it to a value. It occurred to me that I can make the assignments inside of a On Activate callback and then they’ll all be pre-assigned when I load the Rackspace, correct?

Bonus question: if I wanted to store the ip address and port number for OSC messages into separate variables, would I define these an integers?

Well, perhaps if you showed us what you did rather than leaving us to speculate, we could probably help you better :slight_smile:



If I write this:

var oscbankcolor : OSCMessage
On Activate
OSC_SetAddress(oscbankcolor, “dmxis/bank/0”)

…then it should be available to all callbacks in the rackspace script, correct?

Here’s a better way to do this

   oscbankcolor : OSCMessage

   OSC_SetAddress(oscbankcolor, “dmxis/bank/0”)
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Thank you. Do you have a comment for my other question? Can I define the IP address and port number for the osc messages into a variable? This will be repeated dozens of times and I want to make sure I have a way ti easily edit the port number and/or IP address.

Thanks again.

Which question?

Yes you can, of course.

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Yep - checkout the GP Script language manual


IP address is a string.

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Thanks I’ll try that. It wasn’t compiling the other way.

If you look at the actual system functions, the required types are clearly defined

Also, there are numerous short cut functions for sending OSC messages