Startup issue


I’m new to GP and would welcome some assistance. The vast majority of my plugins do not load at startup. All plugins are 64bit, and reside on D:\VstPlugins.
I’m on the latest version of GP. I have the latest version of ASIO4ALL installed. My system consists of an ASUS ROG laptop, i7 quad core @ 3.2 running W10 home, 16gb of RA.M, 250GB SSD C drive, 1TB 5200 rpm D: drive.
Some of the things I’ve tried are:

  1. running GP as an Admin
  2. loosening up the permissions on the D drive so the ‘everyone’ has full control.

Note that my DAW - Presonus Studio 1 v3.something is able to see and load all my plugins.



Welcome to Gig Performer

D:\VstPlugins is not one of the standard places to look so GP won’t look there by default. So just open the Plugin Manager from the “Windows” menu, click on “Manage…” and then “Set VST folders for scanning”

Tell GP the top level folder in which they reside and then click the Scan… button



dhj, thanks so much! that did the trick!!