Start Up On Song?

Hi, rather than start up on the last or first Rack Space, is there any way to have GP start up on the last Song, or even better, the first song of a particular set list? That’s what I really want it to do.

I tend to think from front to back - that is from the song within a set list perspective and racks are just something I create to support a song (or perhaps a few songs depending on what it is). I never create/modify a rack space independently of being “attached” to or intended for a song, so I’d prefer it to open up to the first song in my list.

For my understanding:
You load a gig and want a specific song/part in a specified setlist should bet automatically selected?

Yes. When I open Gig performer I would want it to go to the last Gig file, to the set list view, to the last set list (or a particular setlist) and select the first song in that set list and then load the Rackspace and the predictive rack spaces that would be selected if I had actually clicked on that song.

You know the option to load the last used gig?

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With little scripting this is possible:

Make sure you are in SetList Mode before you load the gig which uses this gig script

// Called when a gig file has finished load - (GigScript only)
On SystemEvent Matching GigLoaded
 if SwitchToSongByIndex(0, 0) then

DefaultSetList.gig (13.6 KB)

With this option you can tell Gig Performer to switch to SetList Mode after it has been started.


yes - I’m doing that.

OK - will give that a try - haven’t messed with scripts yet, but no time like the present! thanks!