Split output not equal

I have the GP Gain Balance with one of the left out going to both output 3 and output 4 on the audio interface out. I am using quite a bit of trim attenuation (-29db) The level shown (and heard) on audio out 4 is quite a bit lower than audio out 3. This seems to go away when using no trim but from -10db to -30db master trim it is pretty severe. GP 3.50 Mac 10.12.6

I can fix it by putting a GP gain plugin inline with the output split going to audio output 4. I can even leave the gain at zero and this seems to create a buffer that prevents this issue.

Do you have a really simple gig file that can reproduce this consistently? What plugin are you using? What audio interface are you using?

Here is an example with Kontact. I have GP trim set to -29.5. You don’t even need a keyboard, just click the keyboard in the Kontact Plugin. Look at the GP output levels as indicated at the bottom of the GP window.

Interface is Behringer HD404.GP Unequal Test.gig (95.1 KB)

If you replace your Stereo Gain Control block with a Mono To Stereo Gain Control block, then connect the Kontakt output to it’s mono input and connect the stereo output normally to your 3/4 outs - does the problem go away?

You are essentially converting a mono signal to a stereo signal in which case you should use Mono to stereo gain control.

You can also use the Audio mixer, but change it’s input to MONO by clicking on the little stereo/mono icon next to the channel number.

I tested just now, can confirm that this happen when global trim is below 0 db.
Below 0 db the right output is lower.
Above 0 db the right outhut is higher.
When the stereo gain balance is replaced by gain and balance (mono to stereo) this does not happen.

Go it. there seems to be some imbalance if you use one channel of the stereo pair, then sum it into a mono signal, but use a stereo pair for it, then split it back again into stereo.

Obviously this should be done with Mono to Stereo gain control or the Audio Mixer with mono input and stereo output.