Speeding up or slowing down files/clips to change pitch in Audio File Player

Maybe I missed how to do this, but can files and/or clips be sped up or slowed down to tweak the pitch of the file/clip in Streaming Audio File Player or Audio File Player like you can in Audacity? Just thinking that if I wanted to stream a file to play with, but the pitch was off, could it be tweaked in GP? I can do it in Audacity but it would be an extra step to make a new file. New territory for me, so sorry if it’s a dumb question.

Right now, that is not possible

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I use Song Master Pro along with GP for this kind of thing


Same here. Changing the tempo of an audio clip is not a trivial thing.

I’ve used Audacity and it does the job ok. I recently bought the new Beatles song as a midi file and loaded it into my Roland keyboard. I played it through and recorded it using Audacity and then exported it out as a wav file. It plays fine in GP using the Audio File Player. If you have the file as a midi, then you could change the key or slow it down before you record it into Audacity. Midi files cost about $NZ10 and you would want to play it through your keyboard or sound module to balance the instruments correctly. I bought the file from Galaxy Midi and it sounded good enough through my PA to use as is with no tweaking necessary.

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