Spare Laptop Uses

In going through old gear I found an old Toshiba laptop - i7-4700MQ, 16GB memory, 1TB SSD. Low res screen but once I replace the decade old battery it should be working fine. I also have an Octacapture sitting unused which has good audio plus midi.

My main GP system is a racked M1, but I thought - what if I used this old laptop as essentially a legacy synth replacement? I could load Korg, Arturia, Waldorf, Roland etc. VSTs and treat it like a standalone system, with simple GP racks that are triggered via the main one?

Thoughts? Again, just looking to repurpose old gear.

Watching. I may be in a similar place with my Dell XPS. The problem is I am looking to simplify my live setup, if anything. But still following this.

My thought process would be to create something similar to the old Receptor boxes so it’s a simple VST player…ideally in clamshell mode too. The main GP instance would select and handle what’s needed.

Then if I could get it working “lights out” I could even repurpose old rack PC hardware and use that for live performance. My only other hardware synth would be my Motif Rack XS and I’d go midi controller/VST otherwise.

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And then I dug up my old 2012 Mac Mini quad core that I upgraded to 16GB. I could rack this now and use another Mac to remote in…

Trying a different route now - got an old Dell Precision M4800 for next to nothing with an i7-4910MQ and 32GB of RAM. It’s 500MHz faster than the 4700MQ with a 3.4GHz base and 3.9GHz turbo.

The screen is slightly damaged and the fans and battery need replacing but it should be a good one to test out. Could put it on a sliding rack shelf.

Have upgraded my GP4 license for both platforms.