Space to limited for crowded rackspace

I’ searching for some advise as I’m still in the learning phase with GP.

I have build a rackspace with 4 instruments and a few effects. UseCase is to have a playground or sandbox to learn and try different combination of instruments and effects. Therefore i added all potential effects to the rackspace and added for most of the plugin parameters also a widget. This gives me the option to play around with different combination without opening the plugins. I know that this is not the normal UseCase for GigPerformer and I know that for a song or setlist the setup should be focused on only the needed plugins and widgets.

I experienced a few challenges and hope there is some advise to do it better or easer:

Midi In blocks and Keyboard splits:
The Setup of Keyboard splits in general is easy, but with 4 instruments and the goal to have different split / layer combinations it is getting a bit crowded. Eg.:Is there a way to select different setups / presets for a midi block via a rackspace variation?

Mixing dry / wet - Crossfade:
A crossfade between different mixing channels using a group of two sliders or knobs is easy. But I had really fun when I made changes to the set-up and forget that there is a hidden knob or slider assigned to a group and parameter of a plugin. Is there a simpler way to do this (without grouping) or is there a way to get an overview of all used groups and the assigned widgets / parameters?

Back View Space:
I’m using a old MacBook Pro with a 13,3 zoll display and running our of space on the screen. Is there a way to use a bigger virtual screen for the plugin back-view? Or to split the backview across different screens / tabs?

Also any other recommendation / tip / hit is highly appreciated.!

Used Plugins and connections:


And the related Gigperformer Rackspace
Stage Piano III.gig (351.4 KB)

You can map parameters of a midi in block to widgets and this way you can for example create different splits via variations.

Oh ok … Thanks for the hint - was not aware that the midi in block parameters can be matched to a widget … but that’s logical.

tested it and now I can select the min note via a slider or use a button to assign a fixed value like 47.2 for C3 via the max parameter scaling to get the split.

Is there a way to have something like preset or a set of buttons to select different splits and layers ? What I’m missing is something like a slider or switch with 3, 4 or 6 predefined values like “0 / 45.6 / 47.2 / 100”.

You could use different button widgets (each button represents a “preset”) and with scripting you could set parameter values of a plugin - but that is really “advanced”

As suggested by @pianopaul, the variations can be used like the “presets” you describe. You can simply have your “predefined values” set in different variations. Then when you change to a specific variation you retrieve your specific predefined value.

Looks like the variation solution is the way to keep it simple and easy.

Nevertheless a “mulit” switch to select between a few user predefined different values may be of general use - not only in this case. May be a feature request for a future release.

Scripting - as base for future advanced solutions - is on my todo list … but still a long way to go. The simple and easy solution (based on variations) has to be sufficient for the time being.