Soundtoys - plugins wont initialize

When I first installed gig performer yesterday, my plugins from Soundtoys loaded. And then a bit later when I was finally understanding routing they stopped working. If I goto my plugin manager they are now showing that they are not initializing properly, and its like that for all of the plugins in that effect package. If I double click the plugin in the wiring view I get a small window with nothing except the ability to bypass.

Prior to that, when it was loading, I couldn’t map any parameters to any widgets. I do have a ton of waves stuff and some toontrack stuff and those load and work so I’m doing something right.

I have a new m1 macbook running Monterey 12.

Hi @Lobsafari, welcome to the family :wink:

Are you using Rosetta?

Also this:

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Thanks guys. I went home and was not using Rosetta. When I did though, the plug-ins still appear red and say that they failed to be initialize in my plug-in window. However they work so I guess that’s it

Remove them from the plugin manager and rescan