Sostenuto and midi plugins

Is there a built in midi util for sostenuto lurking anywhere?
Do the Piz midi plugins work ok in GP?

Just tested: it works fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks…I have the trial of GP setup without any plugs. Seems pretty good to go…just waiting for a good BF price…was $100 last week…good value for sure.
Sos is good in Piz

As a matter of policy, Deskew Technologies does not participate in BF (or any other) deep discounted sales.


There is this Scriptlet which can be used as a any other plugin:

Thanks David…will check that out. Great stuff.

I understand
The good news is I wouldn’t have downloaded the trial if it wasnt for the PA sale…i have spent so much on trying to solve this…and so many costly options now either unsupported or obselete. It really did take a lot for me to bother looking at another and i was actually ready to buy Freestyle tbh.

How come you didn’t?

Because of one thing
Im setting this up for my daughter…I can get by with Kore. She really struggled without having a schema per song; A big billboard to help her just play and not left brain overload esp when a lot of what we do is spontaneous…well the important stuff.
Let me explain…a song could have a complex sound eg using Kore as a plugin, it has an 8x2 morphing matrix (which is more like an xy widget with an 8x2 overlaid that just glides between variations…which is pretty complex to do atm in GP). During this song she had to also manage other modulation etc and without a big friendly layout…its just…awkward. We even bought Komplete Kontrol thinking it would be an upgrade from Kore but it was a huge step backwards and just kept using kore.
So the bottom line is I didnt buy it because as I was trialing Freestyle, I saw gig performer on an email from PA and it was a comparative price…so I thought Id give one more go…
I am involved in session/music teams from churches etc as well which have all the songs organised (ie chordpro) from a central management so I wasnt that interested in the lyric/charts but I could see that GP was very mature which spurred me on.
So my trial runs out tomorrow…its not urgent…but havent quite resolved all the aspects I need. Forte had a similar billboard approach ie graphical notes per song which was great.