Songs/Setlist with multiple instances of GP

How do you handle songs and setlists with multiple instances of GP running?
I can create a setlist and songs in the first instance, but I can’t seem to load the same songs in the 2nd instance without GP creating the accompanying rackspaces from the first instance.

What are you using the second instance for and what would you like to happen?

Instance 1 has instruments, with multiple rackspaces and variations for each instrument. Instance 2 has vocals, with only 1 rackspace and a few variations.

I haven’t approached setlist/song mode much, and was looking at it whimsically to see how it would look using my particular setup. As I stated above, I had no issue making songs for the 1st instance, but it appears I’d have to make entirely new songs for the 2nd instance–double the song making and double the triggering necessary. Just wondering if that’s how people using 2 or more instances of GP are handling songs in Setlist view.

As your second instance is really simple, it might end up easiest to treat it as a slave and use the Song Part properties in the first instance to send out the necessary program change messages to the second instance when needed. Assuming the change in vocals will coincide with a song part change.

Therein lies the issue–it’s not a slave instance, it’s a peer instance that has its own changes independent of the changes in the first instance. I made a vocal instance so that the instrument changes could happen independently, without affecting vocals (which can tend to ‘pop’ in switching rackspaces).

It’s as I thought: I’d need to create a second set of songs that need their own triggering.
Setlist/Song mode is still not a good way for me to use GP.

This issue of multiple instance songs and setlists seems like it could be worked on more. There’s little point to using setlist mode and creating a 2nd instance if importing songs in the 2nd instance setlist mode ends up creating a rackspace from the first instance. Having to create a new song list that mirrors the first is also not intuitive.

What about dummy song parts in the first instance that won’t actually change the instance 1 rack/variation but used only to trigger the vocal instance?

Not sure, but we’re already talking about far more work than just operating both instances in rackspace mode and triggering the changes. I’m always looking to streamline and automate where I can, and using setlist mode at this point doesn’t accomplish that goal.

Thanks for the replies though. It was worth a shot.

I’m sure you’ll get some other opinions.