Song switching and predictive loading

Hello Community,
I am a keyboard-player in a little cover band and a user of GP since GP3. Recently I improved my rackspaces and have the following problem:
I´m in Setlist-mode and switch randomly between the songs (10 songs for instance). The widget-settings in the songs are different from the settings in the rackspace. The widget-settings are stored in the song with the disk symbol. With predictive loading “off” everything is fine. If I switch to any of the songs the widget-settings are correct. If I set predictive loading to “on” and at 3 rackspaces, and switch to a song outside the “predictive loading-range”, the settings from the connected rackspace overwrites the song settings. After pressing “compare” and release the mouse button, the settings of the widgets change to the song settings. I tried this with the most simple rackspace, just a slider and a button-widget, without any plugins or MIDI-In/out in the wiring window.
Is there a way to switch to any song with predictive loading “on” and the correct song-widget-settings appears?
I captured a video, witch shows this, but I´m not allowed to upload because I´m a new member.

I´m on a HP pro book, win10, 16Gb, I7, 1,8GHz
I hope, someone can help - thanks in advance !


What version of GP are you using?

Hi, that is a quick response !
I am on GP 4.5.8

Ok, I try to reproduce

I am able to reproduce

Ok. Thanks so far.

are there any thoughs, ideas, about a solution ?


You have found a bug :+1: It has been added to the issues tracker for the devs to investigate.

Thank you very much for your answer.
So I will wait for news.

Hi guys,
it seems that this bug has not been fixed with the new version.
Any ideas or answers to this topic so far ?


Hi all,
sorry to bring up this topic again.
I tried to solve this problem to insert two widgets into my rackspace.
The first one takes a snapshot of the widget settings, the second one pushes this settings to the variation (see Song_1). But I´m not happy with this solution.
My second idea was to add a widget to set the songpart to Part_1. The widget is linked to the system action block.
This automaticaly sets the values of the widgets to the saved song-settings.
But I have to push this widget manually, so no big advantage.
Next idea was to push this widget with a script in the rackspace. This works so far, but I have to put this widget and the script in every rackspace.
Here my question to the specialists:
Is it possible to put this widget into the global rackspace and activate it per script, whenever the rackspace changes ?
Thanks in advance.
Test Script Songpart_1 on Rackspace activation.gig (848.4 KB)