Song part ordering


What I’m really missing (coming from Brainspawn Forte) is the ability to predefine your song part orders and step through that order.
It’s cool that in Setlist Manager I can define Intro, Verse, Refrain, Chorus, PreChorus, Outro and switch through them using program changes or mouse/touch; but actually I know beforehand that my song will be Intro - Verse - Refrain - Verse - Refrain - PreChorus - Chorus - Verse - Refrain - Outro, so I’d like to program that before the gig so I can just press the “Next Part” Button (maybe even MIDI triggered) without worrying about anything else!

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Ooh, clever idea…I second that as a possible option!


Just dublicate your song parts.

So instead of for example 3 Songparts Intro - Verse - Refrain
you would have Intro - Verse - Refrain - Verse - Refrain etc.

I do that all the time and it is working perfect.


This is actually a viable workaround but as such, causes some unwanted issues as the GUI is not really made for that:

  • There is no DUPLICATE SONG PART Button. Just a minor annoyance, but still.
  • You suddenly get very many of those Touch-Buttons which take up much space although multiple of them are functionally identical. The number of them are configured globally, not songwise (which could actually be made a change request by its own).
  • As e.g. REFRAIN and REFRAIN are made as two parts, mistakes can happen where one refrain is configured different than another. You normally don’t want that to happen.

I vote for doing a DUPLICATE SONG PART option to the menu. Since we’re almost always going to have more than 1 repeat of the REFRAIN, not having a DUPLICATE SONG PART option creates a whole lot of redundant work.

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…and if something like ‘duplicate’ or copy&paste for song parts would be implemented, maybe there could be also a ‘drag&drop copy’ (e.g. by pressing shift or alt or ctrl while dragging a songpart to the new position with the mouse). I think this would be a nice addition.

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Having a duplicate song part option definitely makes sense, but the original idea put forward here is still very different. As noted; with the ‘duplicate until you have all your parts’ method you end up with an enormous list of song parts where one may escape a rackspace update or, if using the custom song part edit tool (really can’t think of the name of it…) to modify a song part you’d have to do it for all the others.

What is suggested is - I would imagine in the song properties - an order of song parts so that if the next/prev part are used it would run through that list. This leaves a small number of song parts that are easily managed and also allows quick access to this small pool easily if the band go ‘off piste’ at any point.

I really like it as an idea.


Right. There are two things here. One is duplication of song parts and the other is “play structure” of song parts.

What’s needed is some kind of field within the song which could change how next/prev within a song works.

I’ll add both to our feature tracking system. Thank you all. It all makes sense.

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+1 of course, it’s obvious