Some ideas on Midi In

1. Allow to change source channels on Channel Mapping.
That way it would be quick and easy to create layered sounds by adressing several Midi-Out Channels with only 1 Input channel, without the need to create a seperate Midi-In.
In case of needing different Event Blocking or Splits you still could use a seperate Midi-In.

2. Add +/- 12 semitone transpose

3. Optimize Keyboard split learn function
To be honest I still love the way Forte is doing this. In Forte you only have one learn button to set the range. After clicking that, the only thing you need to do is to hit the low note and then the high note. Done.If GP could do it that way it would be perfect.
If not it would also be helpful to deactivate automatically the learn function as soon as the note has been hit.

Optimize Keyboard split learn function

That is implemented yet

What do you mean exactly is implemented?

The Keyboard Split Learn function.
Just press the button learn for the lower note and you can learn the lower note.
The same works for the upper note.

With this little script it is possible:

   MIN : MidiInBlock

on NoteEvent(m:NoteMessage) from MIN
 SendNow(MIN,MakeNoteMessageEx(GetNoteNumber(m), GetVelocity(m), 1))
 SendNow(MIN,MakeNoteMessageEx(GetNoteNumber(m), GetVelocity(m), 2))
 SendNow(MIN,MakeNoteMessageEx(GetNoteNumber(m), GetVelocity(m), 3))

Yes sure. I´m totally aware of that. That´s why I wrote “optimize …learn function” not “implement”.
I just wanted to note that there could be a quicker way to do this.

OK, so you want just to press a lower note and an upper note to define a range?
But what to do when the lower note was not the correct one?
You have to start from the beginning - and then the optimization is gone :wink:
And what to to when you only need a lower note - the upper note you will not trigger?

Thanks :smiley:
I know… nearly anything is possible with scripts.

But although we´re all kind of nerds we´re not all advanced script programmers, so I think it would be good to add functionality that is useful for a lot of users directly to the GUI.

You are absolutely right, but we can use scripting and provide examples for other “not programming” users.

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Ask yourself how often did you click the different learn Buttons and deactivated them manually, and how often did you Play the wrong note while learning?
In all cases it´s still possible to deactivate or restart the learning or put the values manually.

It´s just an idea to think about.
As said before, I love the way Forte is doing it and have been annoyed a Little by the way it´s done in GP. May be different for others.

I got your point, I am sure the developers read your suggestions :wink:

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