[Solved] Widgets don't "jump" initially

I just noticed last night that after first opening GP and first moving knobs and faders on my controller, the widgets do no jump immediately to the position as they should. And it is not like they need to be “caught,” but a certain amount of extreme movement is needed before the widgets jump. After that they will jump immediately as they should. The problem is of course if that first time you aren’t making a large enough change, the widget will not respond at all and you will not get the adjustment expected in jump mode

What behaviour did you choose in the widget options.

“Jump” and the widgets do jump appropriately after that very first time they are used. But the first time it takes a fair amount of movement of the controller to get it to jump

I just tested with 2 instances of Gig performer and the widget moves as soon as it gets midi messages.
Did you check in Midi Monitor what messages are sent from your controller?

I can’t reproduce this — if I assign two physical knobs (say) from my keyboard controller to two widgets in Gig Performer and save the gig file, quit GP and restart it, the moment I move a knob, the appropriate widget moves instantly.

when I get a chance I’ll make a little video of it… not till after the weekend probably though. It could be that the widget in GP is moving but the actual plug in it’s mapped to is not responding that first time. Will have to check that again, but i do know it is not just one specific plug in… saw it in VB3, VKFX, Repro 5 etc

ok once again my mistake. I am using a Novation SLMkII and there is a setting in Automap for pot pick up that I turned off and now it works perfectly first time every time. Not sure why it only behaved weird the very first time and not when coming back to that rack with physical controls and widgets again in different places… but problem solved, I guess