[Solved] Sounds stop suddenly!

Hello eveyone!

I am having problem with my gig performer. By the way, I’m still on trial version but will buy this after it ends. But going back to my concern, I am experiencing issue with this app. And the issue is from time to time, I get a kinda like transparent green (I’m not really sure of the color, I’m a slight colorblind person) from time to time on my whole windows or UI and it stop producing sounds while I’m playing. It stays for about 3 seconds I guess and will fade slowly and then go back to normal. Have you had this issue? Anyone experiencing it? What could be the problem? I have attached photos for you to see.

From the downloads page:

In trial mode, Gig Performer™ will be fully functional for 14 days
except for occasional intentionally induced audio drop-outs
during which moments the screen will briefly flash red.
To remove these drop-outs, please purchase the full version.

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Ah ok… So that’s the reason why I’m experiencing this?

Yeah you are right. So studid I didn’t read it on their download page. Thanks… I’m not gonna use this on live until it ends and purchase it. I’m not purchasin it for now because I want to maximize the 14 days trial for practice. But this GP is really a game changer. I love this app. It seems the creators are real musicians, not just a programmer. They know what a musicians need. Thank you so much!

OK, not always, but we are here to help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Regarding the trial version limitation, I am color blind too, but it is written “*** TRIAL MODE ***” right in the middle of all your screenshots :wink:

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