Solved ! midi CH3, CC32, not working to map! /user error

Hi there,

i stumble again and again over the same “problem” and reckon it must be a bug.
My controllers work ! the same problem appears with several controllers ( same product),
while the specific knob is working elsewhere.

not mappable for me:
CC32 on midi channel 3

( i use Novation Launch control XL…several ones)
(set to: userpreset, preset3, its the middle row knob, the 4th from left)
(for example is the LC-XL i use right now with my laptop, a brand new one, i never loaded/changed there any preset)

GP3 is the Plugin Alliance one, on mac

edit: exuse me please in case i´m wrong !
which would mean that i have to debug here something.
but would be strange
( i had the same “problem” even on different macs/setups )

This are bank select messages and should never be used for widget mappings.

Exactly CC32 as well as CC0 are used to code program change (PC) bank select.

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ahh, i seee, haha,
now that you are saying it :wink:

ok, so i need to remap all my Novation controllers