[Solved]GP hangs when I scrolling through songs


Hi Folks!

I’m a singer/ acoustic guitar-player mainly. In my homestudio I use synths/ virtual instruments. My DAW: Protools 12.
With my band we’re setting up a new tour. I decided to use some of the sounds and piano’s of my synths on stage. That’s the reason for buying GP. We are in the rehearsal stage and have our first tryout on July 5.

So for this part I’ve set-up 18 rackspaces and 28 songs within 1 setlist, some widgets, controlling some parameters with my EX5. On my MacBook Pro I use the keys “up” and “down” to skip to the next or previous song.
What happens when I’m going from one song to the next, at song 11 it flips back to song 1 and GP hangs. The endless spinning Apple wheel comes into view until I deciode to force GP to stop. ( as it doesn’t respond)

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
Cheers, Mars

GP 3.2.7
MacBook Pro Late 2013 OS 10.13.6 High Sierra
Processor 2,4 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory 8Gb 1600 MHz DDR3
250 Gb SSD HD
2 External harddrives : Sata LaCie Rugged Mini thunderbolt 1 Tb , 250 SSD harddrive USB3

Audio Interface Motu 828x connected through thunderbolt
Masterkeyboard- Yamaha EX5
NI Komplete Kontrol S49
Sounds/Plugins: Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol, Kontakt, FM8, Spectrasonics Keyscape & Stylus RMX, Waves


What Kontakt Version do you use?
In the past I had troubles in using Kontakt 5 and the Library Novo (Strings).
As soon as I used Kontakt 6 the issue was gone.

What Waves version are you using?
When you kill Gig Performer and start again, do you get any crash report?
By the way: Are you using Komplete Kontrol within Gig Performer?


Is it always song 11? That’s an important clue.

Are you sending any MIDI commands out automatically when you reach song 11?


Hi Pianopaul,
Thanks for your post.
I use Kontakt 5, updated it just now to 6. Waves 10. Right now I’m updating to the latest version Waves.
When I force GP to stop, and restart GP, I get no crash report.
I’m using Komplete Kontrol so I can use my Komplete Kontrol S49 keyboard to browse through instruments and sounds.
Cheers, Mars


Hi dhj,
Thank you.
It’s either song 11 or 12.
With the latest crash, I had the MIDI Monitor window open. It says:

0 IAC driver Bus 1 CC 0 Bank Select: Channel 1
1 IAC driver Bus 1 CC 32 Bank Select (fine) 0 Channel 1
1 IAC driver Bus 1 Program change 0 Channel 1

( My screen says IAC Besturingsbestand, that’s Dutch…)
Cheers Mars


Do you have any MIDI Omni In blocks?

You must not use Omni blocks if you are using IAC ports, you will get an instant feedback loop.


Thanks! I’ve replaced the Midi In Omni blocks with Yamaha EX5 and Kontrol S49.

It works!
Thanks so much for your input, I’m learning more and more…
Cheers Mars

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Great. Omni blocks are very convenient for getting started with Gig Performer and/or when you only have one keyboard. But once you start using IAC ports, you have to remember that anything you send into an IAC port will be received by an Omni block, hence the risk of feedback.

Glad it’s working for you now.


Is there a way to ‘change’ the default midi input in a new rackspace to NOT be omni in, but rather to default to a different midi in? In fact, is there a way to set a different ‘default’ rackspace other than create a rackspace intended only for use as a template and then duplicate it to create a ‘real’ rackspace?

thanks, X


Not really, but if you just drag your “default.rackspace” file (you could name it that way) into GP you’d have your starting point any time you want, not just on startup but any time you are starting a new rackspace.

I have several templates for different instruments (various guitar templates based in the guitar, keys, etc…). Then I drag that rackspace in as a starting point for that instrument. This can be organized in any way you want as it’s just files. You could have “B3 starter” or “Wurli base” …

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I haven’t tried to drag and drop anything into GP… it hadn’t even occurred to me to try.



As I’m a nitwit at midi I am so happy with GP. But I see that some basic knowledge might be handy. On the other hand it’s like the power needed to turn the lights on, it works for me even though I don’t fully understand it.
Q: With my setup, do I need using the iac driver at all? What would you advise?


I get it now that using Kontakt makes it easy to use my Kontrol S49 as a midi controller for the widgets. Thanks!


Would someone please tell me what an IAC is? … feeling a bit dim.


This is a virtual Midi connection in MAC OS