[Solved]Dual video monitor question


I want to take advantage of my dual monitor setup in my studio when I edit my GP files. Besides my 15" MacBook Pro, I also have a 27" monitor which will make it easier for me tweak my rackspaces. When I open up a GP file, it opens up on my MacBook screen and when I attempt to move it over to the big monitor, I’m not successful in doing so. The only thing I can do is enlarge the GP window on the Mac screen. Am I missing something here, or is it just not possible?


I have the same setup as you and I do not have any problem like you describe.
Can you start Gig performer and move to to you 27" monitor?


Can you make a screenshot and upload it, maybe I remember a situation…


Thanks for your replies. I thought I sent this repy last week, but apparently, did not.
I have restarted GP numerous times, and still am experiencing the same issue. I’ve attached a screenshot.


Just to test a scenario, can you make the external monitor to be the main monitor and test again?


So, I just opened up GP after a few days of inactivity and I’m still experiencing the same issue. I can resize the window all I want, but I cannot grab it and move it to my 27" monitor. Extremely maddening and frustrating.


In the system preferences drag the bar on top of the window to your external monitor, so it becomes the main monitor and start gig performer again.
Another hint, can you start Gig Performer from your external monitor?


That solved my issue. Thanks!
So to avoid this in the future, how do I simply start GP from my external monitor?


I am not sure,

please see this, when your setup looks this way you will have troubles.
Both monitors should be aligned top and then it does not matter which screen is the main.

Edit: Here is how you need to configure your displays.


To start Gig Performer from the external monitor, just klick on the magnifying glass (on you external monitor) and type in Gigperformer and press the Enter Key



That’s exactly how my monitors looked in System Preferences. It’s now fixed and I can move GP back and forth to my two monitors.
Thx again!