[Solved]Drawbar widgets refuse to follow

I stumbled upon an issue, but i cannot tell for sure if it is GP-related (but that’s what i assume) or plugin-related…
I made a rackspace for a tonewheel organ sound where i used Arturias B-3V organ VST (i tried both: VST and VST3).
I placed nine drawbar widgets on the panel and connected them with my controllers drawbars and with the VST’s drawbars… it all worked as expected:
Moving the controllers drawbars causes the widgets and the VST’s to follow.
Moving the widgets also moves the VST-drawbars and vice versa.

But when i use the lowest octave (the B/W inverted keys) to call a drawbar preset, the widgets don’t react to the change that is done to the VST’s drawbars.
When i switch to another VST-preset (another sound), the drawbars widgets follow the changes again… it’s only those “drawbar-presets” that don’t work on the widgets.

I am on PC with Windows 10, and as stated above, i tried it with both, the “normal” VST and the VST3.
Since i don’t own another organ plugin with a preset-octave, i can’t do further testing.
Maybe some of you guys can help with that… thanks. :beers:

Oh, ye of little faith :wink:

I’m pretty certain it is an Arturia bug — when the drawbars are changed that way, the Arturia is not sending the new drawbar parameter values back to the host so Gig Performer isn’t able to detect the changes. I was able to reproduce the problem on a Mac. One clue that gives this away is if you put the GP drawbars in Learn mode and rather than dragging a drawbar on the Arturia B3, click one of the presets that makes the drawbars move and you’ll see that GP doesn’t learn anything — that is a huge indicator that the plugin is not sending the change back since that’s how GP learns the parameter as well.

I also tried the same thing with Blue3 and the GP drawbars do update as expected when you click on a bottom octave preset.

You should report this to Arturia.

My deepest apologies… how could i ever be in doubt. :innocent: :wink:
Thank you for testing this with other plugins and for checking the issue. :+1:
Yes, it actually seems that i have to report this to Arturia.

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Oh, we have our problems – but that happens to not be one of them :innocent:

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I totally lost focus of this one, and i finally managed to contact the Arturia support yesterday.
They told me that this issue has already been reported for the VST3 version, but i had to say that neither version works as expected. So i am looking forward to their next response - hopefully they will bring a bugfix for this.