Solo a single VST?

Hi all,

First of all, let me express my thanks to the developers of GP and the editors on this forum. I’ve never seen such a busy crowd in support of a program like this. It’s great!

Lately I’ve been busy with layering VSTs, for example, I’ve some synths stacked, eg. a Korg Poly6, an Aturia ProphetVS, and Kontakt String section, “under” a Piano VST. Pretty bread-and-butter though.

To test this, it’s great to mute/bypass VSTs, so I can single out a single VST and tweak whatever necessary, but was wondering if there is a possibility to do the exact opposite:
In stead of bypassing several VSTs, is there a way to solo a specific VST under a single midi in block? I think it could save some time picking out one VST, and not to have to bypass several others.

It’s not that urgent to me, but I believe it would add to the tweaking-process when setting-up multi-layered sets.

If this is already present, and I’ve missed it, please let me know!


So i guess, what you need is one VST playing permanently (here: Piano) and then a number of other VSTs (how many?) that you can activate individually in addition to the permanent-sound?
If that’s what you’d like to do, here are my thoughts for it…
Generally i would use GP-Script to realize a “radio-button” behaviour to a gruop of buttons which would be used to switch between the additional sounds. Those buttons could then be learned to the “Solo” function of a mixer block. In addition to the solo function, you could use the channel-faders to adjust the particular sound in its loudness (via knob widgets on your panel).
This should do the job, but there could be some hard cutting when you change the sounds.
To go a step further one could try to fade the channels to a “solo” state by using a ramp-function in GP-Script and then finally bypass the plugins that are not in use (vol=0) to save CPU-power.
There could also be a button to activate/deactivate the above mentioned “radio-button” behaviour, so you also could activate multiple sounds at once…

These are just thoughts of a raw idea, how i would try to achieve this - if and how it would work in detail, i’d have to try… but i think, such a rackspace would be quite convenient for many purposes.
Maybe i will try to build such a thing… but i don’t promise nothing (i actually had some other things to care about within the next week or two, but who knows… maybe it will become some kind of distraction). :wink: :sunglasses:

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You could create some variations for this purpose. Just add a set of button widgets and link them to the bypass parameter of your plugins. Then on each variation, set only one as active. Simple to set up, and remove if you no longer need them.



It’s the simplest ideas i never think of… :+1:

Better is to filter Note On - to avoid hanging Notes.
And to have similar to patch persist.

Hi Eric,
I didn’t even thought of using these functions live, which would be perfect with your suggestions. I still use your radio-button script from a previous post, which works excellent, although it isn’t what I meant.

Haven’t you had those moments when you’re tweaking away stacking synth layers on top of each other when you realise that it gets hard to remember how a single VST sounded. One way would be to mute/bypass all the individual VST’s until you have the one left, and then go solo one after the other, to see/hear how the individual results are.

So, I guess this could be handy when you’re rehearsing/fiddling along with GP and VSTs.

Oh… then just grab a mixer block and a bunch of button widgets and connect them with the “solo button” of the mixer channel (or klick this “by hand” if it’s only about hearing a sound solo’ed).

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Yes, exactly! That’s better than bypassing every single VST by hand :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the advice folks! Definitely appreciated.