Soft Mute?

Would be nice if the Gain and Balance’s Mute button could be a “soft” mute. In my test, while making a continuous tone and activating it’s mute, a click will happen (usually even more apparent with low freqs). As an alternative, one can use DMG TrackControl (free and low cpu) which operates with a soft mute in that there is no click in this scenario.

If implementing that would create more cpu usage, perhaps it can be an option?

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Try setting a switch to the gain paramter to see if that works any better. You might need to use the Max widget setting so that when it’s “On” it’s at 0dB (value 70.7)

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@ericzang - you are right. We could improve the muting in the gain and balance plugin to be, as you put it, “softer”. We’ll put that onto our todo list - thanks.

In the mean time @rank13 suggestion should work fine.

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ok, thanks for the suggestion and todo list!