"Skip" function for plugin loading issues

It would be really great to skip over loading plugins that can’t be authorized. For example, I left my dongles elsewhere, and I’m unable to load Gig Performer because my elicensor can’t be found for one of the plugins. When I say “close”, Gig Performer crashes. That may be a problem with the actual plugin, not Gig Performer per se, I can’t know. I’ve had it with the dongles anyways, too risky for a gigging musician. I’m going to resample from plugins requiring a dongle, and utilize them in a sampler that has no dongle requirement.

Did you try to disable the problematic plugins in Plugin Manager?

I simply refuse to tour with any plugin that requires a dongle. Imagine leaving it behind at one show when rushing to tear down. Or there’s another band opening for you and someone knocks into it.

In fact, I have done exactly what you did, i.e. sample stuff that I really want.

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Great idea! I’ll try it. At least it can get me through the next few days while I try to remove the offending plugins.

I tried disabling the plugin. GP just crashes trying to load that rack space.

What version of Gig Performer are you running?

3.x, the latest.

And you are sure you disabled the crashing plugin?
Another thing you could do is, delete the crashing VST or move it to a folder Gig Performer does not know about.
Then start Gig Performer and load your gig.

Plugin troubleshooting:

@standongman said that disabling the “buggy” plugin had no effect.

Do you have a crash report?

Unfortunately, no, sorry about that. I was able to work around it and replaced the dongle-dependent plugins with others.