Show value 'label' from plugin in widget

This is hopefully obvious to all except me, but I have two files here which seem like they should behave in the same way, but don’t.
The first is ‘Example 1’ - when you click the Up and Down buttons the value from the plugin (ie as labelled in the plugin) parameter is shown in the text table above the up and down buttons. So the text label shows ‘+2’, ‘+3’ etc as shown on the plugin, not the numerical value generated by GP.
The second is ‘Example 2’ - which is similar except that it is setting the key centre, which should be shown in the text label (‘Key’) in the same way ie it should show ‘C’ ‘D’ etc but instead shows the numerical value that GP is sending to the plugin.
I can’t see any reason for this - but hopefully someone can!!
Thanks in advance
Example 1.gig (279.7 KB)
Example 2.gig (262.3 KB)

Disable ‘Customize Caption’ and Enable ‘Show Value in Caption’.

Ah yes thanks - the settings are different for the text label in the 2 examples - however, when I change them in Example 2 to be the same as Example 1 (as you suggestion) it still shows numerical values from GP not the values displayed on the plugin parameter (as it does in Example 1).
Could it be related to the fact that in Example 1 the plugin parameter value is an editable field (as in you can click on it and type in a value such as +2), whereas in Example 2 the values are displayed in ie chosen from a drop-down list?

Or add [value] (including the brackets) in the custom value

The custom value that gets displayed in the widget labels are defined by the plugin - GP has not control over this.

My tests were with the VST3 version of Octavox, and it was correctly displaying the key in the text label. Maybe the AU version isn’t passing this label to GP?


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Yes - that’s it - I was using the AU version. Wow - lesson learned!
Thanks for helping out - massively appreciated!!