Show program change but don't respond

When I change song parts my script will send a Program Change to my Fishman Tripleplay guitar synth so it is set for the right pitch mode (chromatic, smooth etc.) and other settings. The Tripleplay will confirm by sending the same program change message out through a specific midi port. Sometimes the Tripleplay does not receive the program change (bluetooth) and bad things happen.

I’d like to display the program change message from the triple play on my Gigperformer Rackspace, BUT I do not want to respond to it. The PC number on triple play is different than the PC in Gigperformer. If set GP global midi option to ignore PC messages, it doesn’t show the PC message anywhere and if I allow it to receive them- it changes to the GP patch with that PC number.

Is it possible to use GP script to either see PC messages that GP global preferences block or either stop GP from responding when they aren’t blocked?

Do you ever need GP to respond to program changes from the Tripleplay?

Never! or - not since we have had song parts where I can send the program change from GP to TP instead of the other direction.

  1. Set the bank number of your rackspaces to something other than 0 and make sure that you don’t ever send that bank number from the outside world

  2. In each rackspace, create a simple script like the one attached here that will run whenever a program change message comes in, and it will just display it in the log. You could of course make it display in a label widget if you want.

(NB – the above will become much easier in a future version of GP where we will have a concept of a global script that runs independently of a rackspace)