Show Notes/Chords in Front/Setlist View [LED Widget?]


Myself as a sometimes confused person, I really like to see some notes, scores, chords when playing a difficult to remember part.
Coming from Brainspawn forte, it had the option to set background images per scene which I would use to display these notes.

Gig Performer has ChordPro Support which is quite cool but is clungy in two manners:

  • Only allows for text’n’chords
  • Opens in a seperate window using a shortcut which might overlap with vital controls

I really would love an enhanced support for that. One implementation suggestion would be:

  • An “LED Panel” widget for front view which just displays the current songs ChordPro.
  • Also allow to show a per-song (or song-part) defined image file.

GP Does support images in ChordPro files. To add an image simply do the following

{image: "IMAGE-FILE"}

You can add other options like sizing line this

{image: "IMAGE-FILE" width="50%"}


Oh cool, didn’t know that! In that case, im just requesting a simpler option to display the chordpro, like the suggested widget. :slight_smile: