Short Key for replacing Plugin

CMD P for selecting a new plugin is very handy because of the smart search list.
I would like to use similar when replacing a plugin.


Nice one! +1

To replace a plugin, GP would need to know which one. Would a shortcut make as much sense if you first have to hover over or select a plugin? Or were you thinking the list would first show all the active plugins for you to choose which one to replace?

Now in the popup menu you can choose to replace the current select plugin.
Maybe an additional entry wich does the same as when you CMD-P ?

But wouldn’t it though require to be able to select one Block first?

It’ll be in the popup menu when you right click on a block

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I have a problem with replace plugin sort type:
when I want to try another plugin, I right click on the plugin box, click on replace but it is sorted by manufacturer.
I need to open the plugin manager window in oder to find the plugin manufacturer’s name then come back in the replace plugin window and find it in the list…
Is there a way to sort the replace plugin list by name instead of manufacturer ?

There will be some enhancements in a future version of GP to make replacement easier.


Thank you