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I was just seeing a video @dhj made in another thread about when you drag a widget into the panel you can press a number to get that multiple added. I know there is a keyboard shortcut to automatically add a full set of draw bars. And one to not load gig file when starting the program.

Is there a list of these somewhere? I’m sorry if I overlooked it but I did do a search of the manual and the forum

To be clear, there is a section for shortcuts in the manual, but it doesn’t not include the above mentioned shortcuts.

Just start dragging a drawbar and then press the #9 key, then let go and a proper drawbar set will be dropped onto a panel

This tip, and many others can be found in the tips category

Yes, it’s documented: How to add widgets to a panel?

I rather think, the question was about having a complete list of all available keyboard-shortcuts and combinations in GP (including starting options, inserting multiple widgets, grouping, moving, resizing, fine adjusting, moving widgets while in edit mode…).
I guess this will become quite a long list. :smiley:

Beside these user manual pages:

There will be a blog article that is finished and will be probably be published next week about many tips in Gig Performer. :slight_smile:


Ok thank you, much appreciated. But as @schamass suggests, it seems a little weird to have to do multiple searches with different search terms in both the manual and the forum to find all of these. Even then I don’t see the drawbar tip…it would not be exactly intuitive to extrapolate from the inserting widgets section that pressing nine while dragging drawbars would insert the correct configuration.

Why wouldn’t all the keyboard shortcut tips just be in the manual under keyboard shortcuts?

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Yes, this drawbar tip is currently undocumented.
There are a couple of Easter eggs, as well :slight_smile:

Well, ignoring for a moment that the majority of users don’t even look at the documentation (leaving us wondering why bother with one :cry: ), the reality is that sometimes a small feature implemented along with other stuff sometimes gets missed. A disadvantage perhaps of our being only human. :innocent:

I did not get that impression :thinking:

I meant that as a general view. Lots of products come with great manuals that nobody ever reads…to the point that many products just come with “getting started” documents.