Setting metronome with scarlette 18i8 3rd gen

Hi all,
my goal is to set metronome in GP4. From my audio interface to drummers mixer.
First two outputs i´m using for main mixer for monitors. Is there a way to connect output No.3-4 from a.interface to drummer through GP4 ?

Thanks for any advice.

On the Options → General configuration window you can select the audio output GP’s metronome will click on. You should be able to set that to channels 3 & 4 and run those to your drummers mixer.

You could also use a free metronome like Melda’s MMetronome and route that as you’d like.

Or you can create one! :slight_smile:
Link: Gig Performer | How to create a custom metronome with visual feedback

I tried it and nothing happened.

How looks your Audio options Window in Gig Performer and what did you try?

it looks like this. In general options i set metronome on channel 3-4. connected outputs 3-4 of my audio interface(scarlett 18i8) to mixer and no metronome heard.

Did you activate to Metronome and press the global play?

There’s another options tab that let you choose the channels if I remember it well


He set the channels but can not hear the metronome.

Check the metronome output:

Also check your output configuration in the Focusrite Control SW!

I checked it. Now i have a problem that i hear metronome from output 1-2(connected with monitors) but in focusrite and GP is configured to channel 3-4

What happens when you route the Metronome to channel 1 & 2?

Well, that’s what you routed: your screenshot shows a mix of DAW 1/2 + 3/4 to output 1/2 (Monitor outputs). You have to mute Playback 3/4 in the Monitor outputs 1/2 field, and the other way around in your output 3/4 configuration.
I suggest you read the Focusrite docs carefully and start with a standard configuration template like “direct”


As suggested above, you should read the Focusrite control manual.

If you don’t want to hear the metronome on the Monitor 1-2 mix you just need to mute or drag that volume fader to zero on the screenshot you posted.

Somewhere further down on the left side you’ll find a similar output configuration for Outputs 3 & 4.

In short, Focusrite Control gives you a mixing console inside of the 18i8.