Setlist/Song View Touchscreen Friendly

I’ve been using the setlist/song view mode as my primary view when performing live. However, the user interface for this view is not conducive to using a touchscreen computer. If I try to scroll the setlist with my finger, it often tries to move the song to a new position within the setlist. Plus the setlist itself is rather small and isn’t resizable. I had been using BandHelper, which is very touchscreen friendly and allowed me to easily scroll and select songs with one finger. Please enhance the song view to allow touchscreen navigation to scroll and select songs.

Also, it would be nice to optionally remove the list of song parts from the song list (that display below the song name), as they appear in large blocks once you select a song.

You can collapse the rackspace List Which is locktest under the Song list

I was referring to the song parts that display in the setlist window, not the rackspace list. When you select a song, the song parts are listed below the song. I would like to have the option to hide the song parts in the setlist window, since they will display as big buttons once I select the song.

So in your screenshots, I’d like the option to hide the “New” song part that displays under song 1A. To me it is redundant because the “New” song part displays as a button above the setlist once I select song 1A.

Yes, that is a good idea, but what do you do when the count of song parts is e.g. 20?
Do you really want to show 20 buttons to display the song parts?

That is why I would make the hiding of song part optional. :slightly_smiling_face:
I personally don’t use song parts that often. The rackspace sets up my splits, layers and patches for the entire song in most cases.

OK, I understand.
You could make an enhancement request, there is a special top for that in the forum.


I thought this was the forum category for requesting new features and enhancements??

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Oops, you are absolutely right :thinking: