Setlist mode


Hi guys i have been getting



Sorry guys didnt finish that post :rofl: ive just curious if anybody else is experiencing lag when changing songs in setlist mode. It is not every change but it can be very frustrating live as im not sure weather i clicked or triggered the change from my controller and i end up pressing it again and it will move down the list twice. My rig is not the problem as it more than powerful enough so i wonder how others are going with lesser gear to run gp if im having these issues. I must say some of my songs have 5 or 6 parts to them. But these racks are all loaded into ramm are they not?.



Are you using the Predictive Loading feature?



No i dont use predictive loading.



Are you sending program or preset changes to your plugins?



There must be something else going on here. The switching should be instantaneous.
Something is either consuming your MIDI events or something else is going on.

Is there a reliable way for you to reproduce this?



Im not sending any program changes out. The majority of my rackspaces within my songs have ivory 2.5, omnisphere, native instruments stuff in them. Depending on the gotu piano sound in ivory will be tweaked per song im not sure if tthis would cause any lag as it has to load slight variations so to speak. Also if im rehearsing and havent done up the setlist and im jumping around the songs it seems to be worse. Almost like predictive loading is on.



I do not understand what this actually means. Are there “tweaks” sent automatically when you switch to a song part/rackspace?

Also - it looks like you think that you press a button on your keyboard, but the switch doesn’t happen. Can you reproduce this reliably?



What im trying to say is that i have a rackspace made for my main piano sound which i use in most songs. This piano sound is slightly different in some songs (some parameters are changed eq etc) dont know if this is affecting performance of setlist mode.
As for the relibility of my controller, i have set the song change trigger with a button on my nano kontrol, i have also tryed it with a foot switch and by using a mouse it makes no difference. In normal rackspace mode there isno delay



If on Mac you can use Activity monitor to see how much of the system resources you are using. If your OS is caching memory to disk then maybe that’s it?n



I dont think this is happening as i have 32 gig of ramm and im only using about 15gig of it in a live set



Im only using max 30% cpu on bigger rackspaces also and im on windows.



Ok so I’ve been trying to figure out what is triggering the delays in setlist song changing. I don’t seem to be able to find any patterns or plugins etc that may be causing this. It appears to be random and all changes made in rack space mode are instant.
I have also been trying to globally change the midi controllers for setlist mode up and down songs trying to see if it was a controller issue and in attempting this it has crashed GP about 5 times. GP has sent of a report every time.
I’m stumped.



Can you reproduce this if you create several empty rackspaces and connect songs to them randomly? In other words - if we eliminate your plugin setup - is this reproducible?

Also check your MIDI assignments for rackspace up/down variation up/down in global MIDI settings and then check or reset MIDI settings for Setlist mode. Maybe there’s a clash somewhere.



Just examined your reports which are, by the way, the only reports we’ve had for 3.2.7 so far :slight_smile:

It seems that you were selecting Options->Setlist/Song Settings and that’s when it crashed. Can you confirm this?
what I see is that your audio device seems to have gone away. Can you make sure you update everything on your system including the device drivers. Also - do you have an alternative device you could use to temporarily just use ASIO4ALL device or something just to see if these are connected.

I still think that there might be something wrong with the MIDI assignments so please take a careful look or reset all setlist assignments (once you get to the setlist options)



Thanks for getting back to me, this is correct it was crashing when selecting options setlist settings.
I am not sure if this was happening in the previous version of gig performer as i did not make any changes then, but it was still laggy then .
Now the biggest change I have just recently made to my rig and maybe the cause to the crashes is I have swapped out my motu ultralite mk4 for a RME babyface pro. I did this about 2 weeks ago, funny enough the very reason i did this is for the stability of the rme drivers😅 as i had a few issues with the motu from time to time.
The problem is i dont have the motu anymore so im stuck with the rme and I really think they are a better unit i will try to see if there is an update for its driver.
The changes in setlist mode still had lag with the motu also but it didnt crash.



I cant get in front of my pc for awhile but will have another crack later today.



Ok … I have just been speaking with an RME expert on this issue and I think we have ruled out the RME being faulty. I am getting asio audio driver drop outs in setlist mode only and it is still very laggy on random song changes.
This is what we tried to rule out with the RME babyface pro. The experts thought that there might not of been enough power though the usb ports as I have a few other controllers getting driven of the motherboard so I plugged a compatible power supply into the babyface to take this out of the equation and still got driver dropouts during song changing crashing gig performer.
We checked all drivers were the latest and they are. When I had the motu ultralite mk 4 it didn’t crash gig performer in setlist mode but it was still super laggy in song changes.
Everything works perfect on this rig in normal rackspace mode so we have ruled out rme being faulty.
I am still trying to minimise my rig to keep testing for culprits. Is it possible somehow that the new setlist feature isn’t optimized for the rme drivers?

Update I have now minimized my rig to just a keyboard and no extra nano control or audiofront exp controller, I have tried running midi over 5 pin into the babyface out of my A88 and also usb connection midi, it all makes no difference in setlist mode whatsoever.



Success I just figured out the part of my problem with setlist mode and that was the global transpose being on altered for certain songs under the song properties would cause a delay in switching of songs to get around this I just made a separate rackspace with the transposed sound though the midi in blocks like you would do in rackspace mode. Now a little bit more testing and I think that this might be what has been causing the driver dropouts all along with the RME. As it must put some load on the pc when a rackspace contains 5 or 6 plugins per rack space and on top of that the song has also 5 or 6 parts, that’s a lot of transposing going on at once.
Will keep you posted.



Can anybody verify my findings or is there something wrong with my setup