Setlist Mode with Multiple Gig Performer Instances

I am using multiple Gig Performer instances in my setup. Two GP instances allows me to have independent rackspaces for top and bottom keyboards with independent selection capability via pads/buttons on the respective controllers and GP scripting.

Until now I have never used setlist mode. However, for the non-jazz bands I play in the song structures and sounds for each song are known. Therefore setlist mode makes sense.

Rather than create a new gig file, I was wondering if it’s possible for one GP instance to “echo” the next/previous song or song part command to the other GP instance. This capability would allow me to continue to use the two GP instances.

I believe that Mr. T explained this in this episode: How To Use GP & Ableton Simultaneously Using OSC with Thaddäus Weindl - Backstage with Gig Performer - YouTube


Thanks - I’ll check it out.

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Fantastic - exactly what I needed. Thank you!


Script can be found in this thread:

Yeah, unfortunately, it doesn’t work “out of the box” as I tried that at the very start and it didn’t work. I did get another member to help me write a script for this and I should be good to go. Thanks though.