Setlist Font Size

Please make it possibble to change the font size in the setlist view. My laptop is always 2m away from my eyes and I can hardly read the song titles in the list…


Do you have an iPad?

Me too!
My laptop is 2m - 5m away. On stage on top of a riser I have only me and my keyboard. Hidden in the sidefill there ist my laptop.
Yes, because of vanity I don’t wear my glasses onstage.
No, I don’t want anything connected by WLAN/WiFi like tabletts iPad etc. on stage.


Are you talking about font size of the left pane of songs/song parts, or the ones at the top of the screen for the current and next/previous?

If it’s the left pane and you’re 5m away, I don’t think increasing the font size will help that much. It sounds like you would need a full screen list.

I use an Ethernet adapter on my iPad.:nerd_face:

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I’ve been using WiFi for this for years, all over the world, never had an issue. I carry a little Amplifi mesh router.

Yes, if you are close enough from a strong router, you minimize the possible issues.

But wired or wireless, the conclusion is that it is possible to use an iPad on stage with GL.

The ones on top of the scene.
Especially next song.
Also song parts.

Basically thats all what I would need on stage:
Current and next song, song parts.
Incomming MIDI status LED.
Output volume metter.

Brainspawn Forte Scene View, that where I’m comming from the last decade.

Please, how are you doing this?
Screen mirroring form the laptop, kind of a remote desktop?
Or some OSC programming?

I’m a Windows guy …

I am using both Lemur for iOS (there is a GP model available) and the software mixer of my audio interface (RME TotalMix Fx).