Setlist and changes to widget controlls

When in Setlist mode, the changes I make on the widgets in panel, won’t get saved. For instance, a volume adjustment on a patch in Setlist mode is not saved when going to the next patch. But when in Performer View, all changes are saved automatically when going to the next patch.

Although it’s nice that the previous settings, of a patch, is recalled when going back to the patch in the setlist. It would’ve been nice though, if there were an option to quickly save the changes made on a patch.

There are 2 options:
You “Push song part changes to Rackspace”
or you save the part changes via the disk symbol in SetList Mode

All is documented in the User Guide :wink:

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Ahhh, classic RTFM case ;-). I’m currently at work writing this. Gotta try this later. Thanks!