Set List, sending Prog.Change error


I need to sending Prog.Change when switching a song in set list.
When apply extra midi message, error no midi block defined at…


Maybe that helps


No, please explain


You have to ‘name’ a MIDI-OUT block (to be done with ‘set handle’) so you can ‘address’ it correctly when you want to use it, as explained here:

In Pianopauls example the MIDI-OUT was named ‘mySynth’ - so the command line has to start with the name of the MIDI-Out where the messages should be sent to.
(of course the synth that is to receive the message has to be physically connected to this port)


Ahh, now I got it!
Thanks a lot


FYI I realized there’s a use case to be able to address arbitrary MIDI output devices so the next update allows you to specify a midi device directly and not just blocks


Great, thanks!