Set Label text on External Label Widget

Dear Community

I have created an 8 channel mixer in the Global Rack, for which I would like to copy widget label text from the local rack to the Global rack whenever a new rack is selected.

I do the code in the Global Rack

I seem to catch the rack event fine and even to bind the local Label widget in the Global Rack as well as the external Label widget in the local rack.

BUT - I cannot find the System function to read the label text from the external widget.
I am looking for a function name, such as “GetExternalWidgetLabel()” but it does not seem to exist like the function “GetWidgetLabel()” does.

Will there be other ways to copy label text from an external label to an internal?

I have got a similar project than yours in my ever growing to do list. You are right this function is missing. Not only the GetExternalWidgetLabel() but also the SetExternalWidgetLabel() depending from where you want to modify the label. If this can be implemented or not depends from the devs. @dhj, what do you think? :innocent:

Yeah, that’s pretty simple — just implemented it - will be in the next release!


Hey @khermann, don’t we have great devs? :wink:

Please let us know what you achieved with that when the next release is out? :nerd_face:

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Wauv - this is really amazing.
I am pretty sure it will work with the coming functions :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: