Set/Get Global Transpose over OSC


Is it possible to get/set global transpose with OSC?



/SetBPM value – set the BPM
/CurrentBPM – get the current BPM
/Adjust BPM delta – adjust the BPM by delta beats


Thanks David, but I was wondering about Global Transpose. :slight_smile:



I’m getting too old for this stuff ?

/SetGlobalTranspose value



No, you are not getting older, it’s just Friday! :smiley:

Not sure what’s happening. SetGlobalTranspose is working from MAX but not from iPad.
On the other hand, GetGlobalTranspose is not working at all. Tried with MAX, iPad and OSC monitor.
There is also issue with transpose field focus.
It got focus on every change (also true if controlled from script).

I also tested SetBPM/CurrentBPM and they are working absolutely fine!



I told you I was getting too old :slight_smile:

I also tested with max and it seemed fine. I’ll do some more checking


OK – I see what’s going on

/CurrentBPM is something that Gig Performer sends out when the BPM is changed

/GetGlobalTranspose is a message you SEND to Gig Performer to which it responds with a /GlobalTranspose message

I should probably add /GetCurrentBPM so you can request BPM and /CurrentGlobalTranpose which would send out a message when the transpose changes