Separate counter-parameters for audioplayer lanes

Last time i used the internal audioplayer, i missed a feature of what i think, should be there:
It would be useful to have separate counter-parameters for each lane in the audioplayer to see when a lane has reached its end position, or how long it is.
At the moment there is only one counter for the “master track” (the longest track in the list of audio lanes) which is not very useful if i needed this information for one special track.
This might be mainly of use in GPscript.
Maybe it could even be a callback like “On TrackEnd…”?
If there was such a function or track-property, we could program such things like an auto-reset/play (triggered by a non-master track) or a chain play for diffrent tracks, or… i think, there will be numerous purposes for this.
Thoughts? :slightly_smiling_face:


EDIT: A lane-property if a file is loaded, or the lane is empty would also be nice!