SendSysexExternal - later

Completely off the terrific solution proposed here, but @gpfan : why send signals from GP to the XS to go from voice to performance mode, while you can switch presets in master mode which are either in voice, performance, pattern, etc. mode?
I was just curious for your use case.

I used to send program change message from GP to my old ES8 (ie. increase to next preset or decrease to the previous) and in the motif I had everything setup in master mode, where every mode is available.

Thanks for the input everyone.
@DIck Glad you’re using the same keyboard. The Motif has been a trusty workhorse for me too :slight_smile: . You’re right, using Master mode is great with Motif :slight_smile: , I love it. For my use case, during one of my play sessions I have a time when the listeners would select from a list of songs. For that I use Master mode to store my songs. But, with so many songs it can be tedious even using the absolutely fantastic John Melas Motif software to set it up. But what I found harder was finding the song quickly inside Master mode during play. Plus I have an accompanying keyboardist who changes settings manually on her keyboard for each song. Now that I can control my XS, my goal is to be able to also control her keyboard settings using GP such that by selecting one song on GP I can set my XS and her keyboard at once :grinning: I’m still thinking whether I can fully bypass the Master mode completely and use Performance mode directly for my use case by replacing the master mode functions with GP, because then I would be able to stop maintaining the songs on Master mode and just focus on GP. It’s interesting for me to hear that someone else is doing a similar thing :slight_smile: Thanks for your input.