Sending Midi Notes

I created a testcase with a rackspace which contains a script:

M : MidiInBlock
N : integer array

on Activate
N[0] = C3
SendNoteMessagesLater(M, N, 100, 1, 5)

When the rackspace is navigated, the note number C3 should be sent.
In the Midi Monitor I can see that a Note On Message is sent.
But when I want to send send a quarter Note on and Note Off message?

The rackspace has the correct BPM setting, so it would be easy to calcualate then the corresponding Note Off message should be sent after
the Note On message is sent or an additional parameter which gives the tempo in BPM and the length of the note in for eaxample 64th

Maybe a new function: SendAllNoteMessagesLater(M, N, 100, 1, 5, 120, 16/64)

Tempo = 120
Note On = C3
Note Off = C3 after 1/4

You know there is a PlayNote function that lets you specify a start time and a duration?

So you could create a function and pass an array of notes and you can use 60000/GetCurrentBPM multiplied by your desired fractional duration to do this?

I must have been blind.
That is what I need, thx David

Hi there,

I’m very new with Gigperformer but I want to send a MidiNote when a new Song is loaded. How do I program that?

What do you Need it for?
Maybe a pc message can help

I want to trigger MA Dot2 Lightingsoftware to start playing a cuelist for each song. I start a MTC signal with my Midicontroller which goes through network to dot2. The same midicontroller starts the play button in gigperformer. the only thing I need is to send midi notes instead of pc because dot2 just can read midi notes.

Ok, let me think

further I want to use midi notes to trigger the bpm out of gigperformer in the same way. I haven’t found a solution to deal with audio file player because I can’t change the tempo.

Take a look here, you can send out whatever message you need.

Sorry, I do not really understand.

How can I send te bpm outside gigperformer by using midi notes?

So for every beat a midi note should be sent?

yes related to the song tempo

This is possible with the audio player.
Press the sync button in audio player and connect the midi output of the player with a midi out plugin.

I tried this but the tempo doesn’t change

When the sync is enabled the player should be started by the global play button and the tempo is used from the global tempo

ok I try it tomorrow. I want to thank you very much for your very fast support!

Feel free to ask, we all will help you.

thanks and good night!

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