Sending a single CC message in each variation

I am using Bias FX2 that has 4 scenes in each patch. I would like to access the different scenes via the variations in GP. In Bias I setup the scenes to correspond to CC messages #11-14. CC#11 for scene 1, #12 for scene 2, #13 for scene 3 and #14 for scene 4. In GP variations, I setup a button to send out CC messages via a virtual midi port block. So far so good.
Var 1 = Button 1 CC11.
Var 2= Button 2 CC12
Var 3= Button 3 CC13
Var 4= Button 4 CC14

Problem is, it doesn’t ONLY send a new CC message with value 127 (ON) for the corresponding scene, but also a value of 0 on all other 3 buttons. That is not necessary. Bias simply needs a CC# message with 127 to be sent to the scene I want on. It doesn’t need to “turn off” the other scenes. This has caused some crashes. Is there a way I can switch variations and just send a SINGLE CC# of 127 without the others automatically also being sent? Maybe a totally different way of approaching switching scenes?

I know with a hardware controller I could manually send a CC# message, but I want this to be automatic as I switch the the variation.

I rotary knob would be nice that if turned to 1 would send #11, 2=#12, etc etc… but that’s not possible. It can only send values on the same CC#. Thanks!

I assume that Bias should be able to handle CC value 0 for the scene that was just activated (as all midi controllers will send value 0 after you release the button/switch).

The free Melda plugin MCCGenerator can achieve a better behaviour, where it will automatically send CC value 0 after a delay that you specify, and it won’t send it out again if you use variations to send other CC values.

MCCGenerator.gig (11.7 KB)

In Bias only 1 scene can be active at a time (naturally I suppose) so once you choose a scene (ON) all other are automatically OFF, so no cc# with 0 value is necessary. Currently, the 0 was not going to the scene that was just activated, but to the others, that were already OFF.

Since my initial post, I managed to put a midi filter before the BIAS plugin that filters out the unwanted CC# messages for any given variation in GP. So for the variation where I want #11 to send 127, I have #12,13,14 blocked. When I want #12 to go through, its blocking #11,13,14 and so on… Seems like hell of a lot of clicking around and playing with settings just to send a single cc#! LOL I’m probably going about this the wrong way!

That sounds like a good approach. It’s the nice thing about variations.

I’ll take a look at your suggested MCCGenerator. Seems promising! Thanks, I’ll let you know!

It actually ended up being just as much clicking/setup as yours :wink: So I say stick with what you got!

I think you should report this to the Bias développer. I don’t see what’s wrong in sending CC#0 to a plugin.

Regarding the workaround you use with GP, as long as you want to switch your Bias scenes within variations, I think your solution is correct. But perhaps you could use different Rackspaces with the right scene selected. Would this make sense to you?

I don’t know anything about the plugin but CC 0 is often used as part of bank switching followed by a program change. Just pointing that out.

Sorry if it was not clear the # character stand for 11, 12, 13, 14. e.g. CC11 0.

Ah ok. In English, the character ‘#’ is normally used as a shortcut for the word ‘number’, e.g. send the mail to apartment #34

Yes I know, but in French 34 is already a number even without # before. Perhaps it is be better to use CCnn instead of CC#? :thinking:

I’d rather not use different rack spaces for the same patch. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night! LOL

Not sure what I am missing with the MCCgenerator, but here is what’s happening. I “feed” it CC#3 on channel 10. I juse a rotary knob in my variations and set it to the “controller” parameter of CC3 in MCCgenerator. As I go through the varations, the knob is changing the controller value from 11 to 12, 13 and 14. I can see this happening in MCCgenerator as I switch variations.

What I thought would be happening:
CC#3 127 on channel 10 —> MCCgenerator —> CC#11(12,13,14) on channel 10. (basically remapping all the #3’s to #11,12,13 and 14)

Instead, what is happening:
CC#3 127 on channel 10 —> MCCgenerator —> CC#3 on channel 1 for all variations.

So not only is it not remapping the CC#'s that I thought it would do, it has remapped the midi channel from CH10 to CH1 which I did NOT ask it to do. LOL Yet, I see no midi in or out settings or mapping options in the plugin, except on “map” option in the utilities that allows no changes or clicking on anything and its completely blank anyway. What am I missing?

I was close, but there was a simpler, more elegant way of doing this. The simplest solution is 1 button and 1 dial (rotary knob). The 1 button is always in the ON state, sending the same CC (doesn’t matter what). The knob is linked to the midi filter block, mapping the incoming CC# to whatever CC# I want. Don’t have to block anything, a simple redirect with 2 widgets. :+1:t2:

Very nice solution, congrats :wink::+1:
Even if I still don’t know why using rackspaces for this would prevent you from sleeping :face_with_monocle:

That was a joke of course. LOL It was a workable suggestion, for me it just seems inconsistent with the idea of changing scenes, which are variations after all with a whole new rack space, which to me are for changing to different patches. But again, it was a good suggestion, thank you!

Just for curiosity’s sake, I would still like to know why I couldn’t get MCCgenerator to work. Did you see it couple posts above?

MCCGenerator is not a mapping/filtering plugin. It’s meant to be where the midi messages originate from. But you can still feed it a midi message to control things within it (as you can with any Melda plugin).
Ultimately, it’s probably just the wrong tool for the job. But it seems like you found your own solution, which is great!

and yet, it remapped my original midi in on channel 10 to channel 1. Odd! But yeah, I did find a solution, just wanted to understand what was going on there, but its all good! :slight_smile: