Sending a Program change upon selecting a rackspace

Within my Blue3 Rackspace, I have setup several variations. I setup my drawbars using the Blue3 GUI for each variation. … but when I switch variations sometimes the draws are set zero and sometimes they are correct. Sometimes, when I use the GUI to change draws, the draw bars on my panel change … but sometimes they don’t.! What am I doing wrong?

I hope I am explainging this correctly :slight_smile:

Can you build a small gig with blue3 where you face the issue and upload it?

Sure. How do I upload it?

When you edit a post, press the upload symbol.
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Blue 3.gig (383.6 KB)

Take a look at the Blue3 Rackspace and then look at the Onions Variation

It is working.

When you are in the 1st Rackspace and open Blue 3 you see that the widgets and the drawbars are

Then when you switch to the Onions rackspace you will see that this is not!
Because you still see the GUI of Blue3 of the 1st rackspace!
Close that and open that Blue3 instance which belongs to the Onions rackspace and you will see that all is working :wink:

The misunderstanding here is:
You made different rackspaces instead of variations!

I first off started using individual rackspaces to change Blue3 drawbars and everything worked as expected. Later on when I got adventuress, I developed the “9 Blue3 rackspace” and populated it with several variations. Most of them are OK, but the “Onion Variation in the Blue3 Rackspace” is a problem, Can you check it out for me plz and tell me what I did wrong?

*Note - I know the VB3 could never be a variation of any Blue3 Rackspace because it is a completely different plugin.

I do not face a problem, what problem to you see?
By the way - be careful with wording
“Green Onions” is a Rackspace and not a variation.
The variation within Green Onions you named Smoking Lounge

"Within my Blue3 Rackspace, I have setup several variations. "
You built a Blue3 gig with several rackspaces !

And this title " Sending a Program change upon selecting a rackspace"
leads to confusion because you are not sending Program changes

Let me send you a new cut down Gig, so we are on the same page. Give me a minute.

Variation Test.gig (55.1 KB)

Look at the “Bad Green Onions” variation. It will not save correctly and when I choose “*04 onions” from the GUI, it does not change my drawbars commensurately.

This seems to be OK

Those drawbars are not the green onions drawbars. Click on the Gui where is says “*04 Onions” and you will see the drawbars on the GUI change, but not on my rackspace.

Now I understand, do you really want to recall Preset from Blue3?

When you want to do that, you will have a problem to use widgets.
Because widgets mapped to drawbars set the value of the drawbar to the same value as the widget,
With this rackspace and widgets there is really no need to recall presets.

Widget always work bi-directional.

In short: You want to recalll Presets of Blue3 and the widget should show the current position of the drawbars?

Much to complicated.

just choose you preset from Blue3, the widgets get the value of the drawbars.
The preset name in Blue3 you then can totally ignore.

That is the concept of widgets.

OK, I am listening: show me a better way to accomplish this.

I thought this was the purpose of using variations. I know I can accomplish this using multiple rackspaces, but why do that when all I really want to do is change the value of widgets to correspond to various Blue3 programs.

A variation is a snapshot of widget values
And when Widgets are mapped to parameters of a plugin - in this case the drawbars -
the widgets set the parameter to the value of the widget.

For blue 3 you have a good rackspace with widgets.

I would to this:
Select variation “Whiter Shade” and in Blue 3 choose the correct preset
The widgets get the values of the drawbar - perfect

Select variation “Jimmy” and again select your preset.

Now when you go back to variation “Whiter Shader” and open Blue 3 you will notice that the preset name in Blue 3 is not the same as when you previous selected you preset.
But that does not matter as the widgets are recalling the drawbar settings !

Hope I could explain.

When you use a different plugin, for example Omnisphere, then the different sounds could be to complex to be recalled by widget values - Omnisphere has some hundred parameters !

In this case just build a rackspacee for each combination if sounds / plugins you need.

I think the only way I can explain my problem is for you to TeamViewer into my PC while I explain what is happening. Will you do that?

I see no problem, when you do it the way I described - I do that all the time since 4 years.

When you really need to recall presets you have to send PC messages to Blue 3

Recalling presets is not my problem. Look at the drawbar setting for “Bad Green Onions” … they are wrong.

What time do you have now?

Mine is 10.30 pm