Send to MidiOutBlock from On Song callback

Hi all… I’ve been sending SysEx messages by manually typing them in to Song Part’s properties screen. I thought it would be nice if I could programmatically get the song properties (GetSongBPM(), GetSongName(), etc) and send it out from the “On Song” callback.

But I discovered that On Song callback is only allowed inside a Gig Script (as opposed to a Rackspace Script), then I discovered that a MidiOutBlock is only allowed inside a Rackspace Script.

Any idea how I can send to a MidiOutBlock from an On Song callback?

You could send an OSC message and in the OSC callback in the rackspace script do what you want.

There are functions to send to a midi out device (not block) from a gig script.

Thanks @pianopaul and @rank13. The community is helpful as always…